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Paying Methods OVH

18-11-2016, 18:34
Well, in meantime I see that I can pay with MaestroCard too.

Thank you for reply.

Best regards.

17-11-2016, 01:53
Not sure with it, as I've never paid with it, and I'm unsure if it's logo is in the list, Searching around doesn't shows Maestro in the OVH direct processing list, so it's more probable it's not accepted directly by OVH.

There's also PayPal, but there the situation is somehow complex. It's accepted on a per-country basis. However, I'm not sure if depends on the car issuance country, or the end user country. If you have used your Maestro Card with Paypal previously, it's more likely it will be accepted. You can check the pre-country list here:

16-11-2016, 15:56
Same situation with MaestroCard or?

16-11-2016, 14:40
Yes, it's possible. Even further, you have two options to pay with Mastercard: One is processing it directly with OVH, and another is thru Paypal. In both cases, payment should be acknowledged immediately, but if you choose to pay directly with OVH, your transaction could be put on hold for anti-fraud verification, cas ein which you would have to send a photo of the card and your ID. It doesn't happens always, but could happen.

Remember your card must be enabled by your bank for online purchases.

16-11-2016, 13:42

I have one question about paying methods for OVH services (VPS/Dedicated servers exactly)...

I would like to know if paying with MasterCard card is possible on OVH company?

Best regards, Andrew.