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Login details not working on fresh install ???

23-11-2016, 16:01
I've never had such issues, being with OVH for some years now. I suppose OVH support will discard any problem with the installation system. In the meanwhile, consider the following:

- I'm not sure which OS you're using, but, as far as I can remember, there's a bug with the emails sent for Windows installations: the mail template puts "root" for username, even when such user doesn't exists on the server. The correct user for Windows servers is always "Administrator"
- For Linux servers, always use an up to date SSH client, as old clients can have compatibility problems. If you PC is running Linux, use your distro package manager to update "openssh" or "openssh-client" (or similar) packages to latest version. If your PC is running Windows, you can use PuTTY ( or Tunnelier (
- For Windows servers, try to use the lastest version of an RDP client. If your PC is running Windows, use Windows Update to get the latest available version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, and then run it pressiong Win+R, type "mstsc", and press Enter. If your PC is running Linux, check your distro package manager for Remmina; if it's not available, try rdesktop.
- If your server includes KVM, try using it to login, just to discard problems with SSH/RDP.
- Always double check the password you received. Some times, depending on the email program you use, doing a copy & past is not a good idea. Copy the password and paste it into an empty notepad window. Then, delete any space or weird character you see around, and finally copy it and past it into your SSH/RDP client. another option is typing character by character, taking special care with similar characters.

If all of that fails, just wait for an answer from support.

BTW, I almost forgot: you can always try to reset your password from rescue system.

23-11-2016, 07:15
Hi all!

I reformated a dedicated earlier, and was sent login details, when i tried to SSH into the server and login with those details, they kept getting rejected.

So i triedd reformating again, just incase it was a dodgy reinstall, but the same thing happened. So i raised a ticket and am having that looked into at the moment.

I decided while that was going through, id have a fiddle with my RPS to pass some time, only i had forgotten the login details for it hahahaha ( really should write those down when i change them )
So i figured id just reformat it as this was nothing important on it anyway, now im getting the same issue, the login details sent to me do not work, iv already raised a ticket about the dedicated server, but im not really sure if i should for the RPS as it may not really be needed if there is a system-wide issue.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues today, or if there are issues at OVH's end? or should i just raise another ticket?