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How to Prevent Safe from DDoS Attacks

27-11-2016, 18:37
it is really difficult, and for the hoting employees is really hardwork against the ddos.

24-11-2016, 08:55
DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common in today's digitally charged corporate world. Many of us were reminded of that on October 21, 2016, when a massive DDoS attack took down Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Paypal and a huge swath of other websites. This incident alone should serve a major wake-up call for every web entrepreneur, regardless of the size of their business. Furthermore, the hackers behind such attacks usually demand a ransom to spare a company from such an attack.

Seeing how evildoers are bent upon destruction, it's only wise for companies to supplement their online security by using strict technological measures. With the increasing risk of DDoS attacks, PureVPN has launched DDoS protected VPN. PureVPN's DDoS add-on is designed to automatically kill the worst online DDoS attacks and keep a business protected.

PureVPNís DDoS Protected VPN:

PureVPN offers DDoS protection via dedicated UK IPs as a paid add-on. PureVPN's DDoS protection is capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks and guarantees ultimate protection for its users.

Users can avail DDoS protection Add-on from the cart while purchasing the subscription.

What Are The Benefits of DDoS Protection?

The benefits of using DDoS protection are,

1. Ultimate Protection against DDoS attacks

2. Automatic anti-DDoS mitigation

3. Safe Connection for Gamers

4. Static Connection for Live streams

5. Blocks all illegitimate traffic

6. Keeps your system smooth & running

Key Features of PureVPNís DDoS Add-on

The best features of DDoS protected VPN are:

1. Protection against unlimited number of DDoS attacks

2. No limit on Duration of DDoS attacks

3. Protection against all types of DDoS attacks

4. Mitigation points across Central Europe and North America

5. Automatic detection and activation against DDoS Attacks

* DDoS Protection comes as an add-on with PureVPN's subscription. Get it or you can also avail its Black Friday Value Deal! 2 Years of VPN in the price of one.!

Who Needs DDoS Protected VPN?

PureVPNís DDoS protected VPN is suitable for home users like online gamers to large business like banks and forex trading companies. Hereíre some real-life scenarios where a DDoS protection is extremely useful:

  • Online Gamers

If you are an online-gamer, you will need this feature to avoid DDoS attacks from your opponent. Have you ever experienced that when you are playing DOTA 2 and winning the battle, suddenly something happens and boom, you are dead.

Well, itís actually a DDoS attack that throttles your internet speed by sending huge amount of requests to your IP/server. This slows down your reaction time and gives your opponent the opportunity to take a clear aim at you.

PureVPNís DDoS Protected VPN protects you against all kinds of DDoS attacks to keep things fair and competitive.

  • E-Commerce Websites

Are you running an E-Commerce website? Have you ever experienced a problem in your billing cycle? Suddenly, something goes wrong and your website becomes unable to process payments. This is due to DDoS attacks.

When your competitor canít beat you with its services, they try new ways to ruin your reputation; and one way to do so is DDoS attacks. By targeting a lot of traffic on your server, they can jam your server that in result kills your internet speed, hence no payments.

PureVPNís DDoS Protected VPN helps you to block all such traffic and keep your system running butter-smooth.

  • P2P File-Sharing Websites

If you are hosting a P2P sharing website and you have huge numbers of visitorsí everyday, then itís difficult for you to secure your system from different attacks. Most of the times, it happened that a large number of fake users make the server so busy that genuine users donít get the chance to download files from your server.

To make you run your business smoothly, PureVPN offers DDoS dedicated IP that helps to provide your website maximum uptime by keeping unnecessary traffic away from your server.

  • Forex Traders

Forex business is all about taking action in real time. A delay of even a second can make you suffer a loss of hundreds of bucks. DDoS attacks are ultimate threat for forex traders. Just imagine, if thereís a DDoS attack on your device that kills the internet speed and at the same time, the commodity you invested in drops to its lowest price and you canít take any action. PureVPNís DDoS protected VPN safeguards you from such incidents.

Get DDoS Protection, Today!
With DDoS attacks becoming more frequent and complex, companies must adjust their security plans and technologies. Firewalls and IPSs are still important pieces of security architecture, but no longer can be relied on as the only solutions.

What your business needs is a DDoS protected business VPN so your business can get a much better and complete protection.