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Default Proxmox 3.4 installation on E5-SAT-1-32

24-11-2016, 12:46
I'm using the default Proxmox 3.4 installation on a E5-SAT-1-32 machine (the default installation partitions part of the drive to a /vz/ mount and the second drive for RAID 1, etc). There appears to be a lot of IO slowdown/delay issues with this default setup, where all VMs will run incredibly slow and the Proxmox will show a 5%-15%+ IO delay when in use (2 or more VMs).

Before using the machine with Proxmox I was using Hyper-V and it never had this issue, although I wasn't using any RAID setup and the secondary disk was just left untouched.

Has anyone else experienced this with the default installation settings for Proxmox and can provide any suggestions for a solution? Many thanks