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I do not see my pay

05-12-2016, 16:12
Direct staff to meet

26-11-2016, 23:46
I'd recommend you to call OVH, as they are not really good answering to tickets. They should void the transaction, or assign it to your order. If you don't get a clear response from OVH, then you can file a claim against your bank, and the bank, being the card issuer, should void the transaction on their side.

26-11-2016, 20:57
I called the bank, but they couldn't do anything.
The bank seems to have processed the payment. OVH does not respond to the message. How do I get my refund?

25-11-2016, 06:25
Hi. Sometimes, when there's an error in the payment, the bank may register the transaction, but will void it some time after it was registered because the merchant have not claimed the transaction. Claiming the transaction ("clearance") is the last step performed by the merchant, and, if it's not completed, the bank will, soon or later, void the transaction as not claimed.

You may try calling your bank to check if the transaction has been fully processed, or it's pending clearance. If the later, you can safely pay again.

25-11-2016, 01:03
My order number: 60398493 (
I just paid, but the payment was refused.
But it seems to have been paid by our bank.
What can I do?
Please can you help me?