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GRA MG-128, network issues, packetloss? 3B-A9 saturated?

04-12-2016, 17:40
Now on the top of this, we're experiencing packetloss (2%+) and 200ms pings between servers in GRA1.


02-12-2016, 13:06
Also, last time you had issues like this in GRA we did bought premium bandwidth and it didn't help at all, only after things went back to normal.

02-12-2016, 13:03
Nothing? I mean, are you guys at least looking into this?

25-11-2016, 20:12
We've just got new Enterprise MG-128 - 128G 2xE5-2630v3 Server in GRA1 (behind GRA 3B-A9) and we moved stuff from one of our servers behind GRA 3A-A9 there... and the server was barely able to push out 160 Mbps of traffic.

This was a major issue for us because our traffic would range between 200 Mbps and 600 Mbps (24/7). Now after moving everything back to old server (behind GRA 3A-A9) everything was back to normal.

Both servers are enterprise range, both in GRA1 (obviously). It looks like is happening again, took this a few minutes ago:

we also see packetloss, random disconnects and according to speed tests we can't even reach guaranteed 500 Mbps, also this was already reported via ticket system a few hours ago...

but my question is how long is this going to take to fix? Realistically.

Because right now we're left with server with almost (if not) limited connectivity and to be honest we can not use it in production.

I mean I would hate to pay 200+EUR / mo for MG-128 (with extras) and wouldn't be able to use the server because of network issues.

Can the server be moved? I would prefer that the server is behind GRA 3A-A9 if this can be arranged (I don't mind if we would get different IP, hell I don't mind if we have to reinstall everyting as long as there are no network issues).