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Do i need to pay vat?

30-11-2016, 22:28
Don't think you can even buy it

29-11-2016, 20:21 is intended only for customer living in the UK and crown dependencies. accepts customers from any other country which is not intended to order through another OVH website.

You can see the full list here:

Even if your account/credit card is in pounds, when ordering via, you will be charged in Euros, and either Paypal or your bank or card issuer will apply the adequate currency conversion. If you prefer to pay in US Dollar, I think you can order in

29-11-2016, 19:26
why cant i buy it from cause i wanna pay with pounds

26-11-2016, 23:43
Hi. If you're in Kuwait, you should register and place orders at OVH.IE . After you place your first order, you will be required to validate your account, providing a proof of identity(ID, passport, or driving license) as well as a proof of residence (public services bill, bank statement). If both are OK, your account will be validated and, if VAT exemption ius acceptable according to Irish law, you will get the exemption.

26-11-2016, 10:33
hi i live in kuwait and we have no vat or taxes here and i can provide CIVIL ID by the state of kuwait
thanks alot!