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Transferring expired domains - OVH Lie!

14-12-2016, 12:09
I'm putting this post on here to help anyone else who is stuck in my position who may Google in the future to try and get this resolved.

My domain with OVH was expiring and I requested a transfer and renewal with another registrar. I tried to get the EPP code to transfer the domain to my registrar from my OVH account but I couldn't find it. I therefore opened a support ticket requesting the code. I was basicly told they can not provide me with a code and that I should renew with them, effectively holding my domain to ransom.

I found this page - which states that to transfer it a domain name must not be expired. Well I'm here to tell you that no matter what OVH, or any registrar for that matter tells you, you CAN transfer an expired domain, they just don't want you too!

I got onto my new registrar who informed me that it is actually against regulations to block someone from transferring an expired domain and they pointed me in the direction of ICANN, the governing body who pointed me to this.

What that basically means is that under ICANN's rules, OVH is NOT allowed to stop you transferring a domain name that has expired.

You can also find more about it as section 1 here section 3.9 and 3.91 here as well as other sites such as here, paragraph 5 of the site here and can also be seen in the photo below

Sadly, OVH haven't replied to my latest request so I have since got in touch with ICANN about my issue. But if you or anybody you know is having trouble with OVH, or any other registrar not letting you transfer and insisting that you renew with them, now you know!