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Questions in regards to the VPS

02-01-2017, 16:45

You can install all these requirement on VPS server and If you are going to install Ubuntu OS on that then you can connect your server using putty OR any SSH client.

16-12-2016, 23:04
Hello OVH users, I've got some questions in regards to the services provided, I've got a 'special need' in the terms of the service I purchase, which also means I'd like to be certain that this need is fulfilled.

1. Is a VPS 'as good' as a dedicated server? Would I be able to launch a program 24/7 and how do you connect to so called VPS, using linux? (putty????)

2. The need I need fulfilled is the following:
Would I be able to run that on a VPS 24/7? If yes, would I be able to install 'mono' on a VPS?

- Gotta figure out whether I should purchase a VPS or a dedicated server, atm. I'd prefer a VPS as the dedicated server package I wish to purchase, is out of stock.