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my root account can't login

18-12-2016, 18:46
Are you trying to install an OS? You need to do this from the control panel, if so. There is a 'install' (or re-install) button that lets you choose an OS to install on your VPS.

Or if you're trying to access mail on your CentOS machine, you need to install a mail server first.

17-12-2016, 10:00
hi, everyong

now I using the putty to login the server , but how to get start to setup the CentOS6

Many thinks


17-12-2016, 00:12
hello everyong

I just installed the CentOS 6.6. and get the mail from soyoustart with the IP address:, Server name.. Username, and Password, but when I type the IP want to login, got :
This site canít be reached refused to connect.
Search Google for cgi sys defaultwebpage
both IE and Google Chrome

How to fix the issue, please help