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Question about IPs

18-12-2016, 18:45
You're paying for the 'first month setup' fee, after the first month you are only paying for the machine - you get to keep up to 16 IPs for free as long as you renew the machine.

18-12-2016, 14:32
You need to pay! (be note: it's only once you paying - NOT monthly for IPs!)

18-12-2016, 12:30

I am thinking about purchasing the BK-4T server, it says there is 1 IPv4 address included, then it says that there are 16 Failover IPs included, then further down that I would need to pay for each additional IP.

So I am a little confused, my question is... are the first 16 addresses free, or would I need to pay?

Thank you for your help.