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GRE From OVH GAME to OVH XenServer

21-12-2016, 13:57
Never tried with GRE, but you may try OpenVPN. It's probable it won't get blocked by a firewall.

21-12-2016, 09:51
Hi there,

Has anyone had any experience setting up a GRE connection between an OVH GAME server and a non-GAME server running XenServer with Windows VMs? I've spoken to OVH CA on the phone who have said it's possible, but couldn't confirm if it would be effective as the GAME firewall may block out legitimate GRE traffic as it may look the same on the passover.

GAME firewall aside, has anyone managed to set up a GRE between a server, piping through the connection to a VM on XenServer 6.5? I'm looking to give this a try, and the Virtual Mac address assigning OVH uses for VMs has got me questioning if this is possible.