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Boxing promo only for new orders?

26-12-2016, 20:20
Thanks Kacotet ,
is it only for 3/6/12 months subcriptions , can i use this offer for life time if i want with this 25% discount ?
how to confirm it ?
Edit: Yes promo code is not working anymore , it seems that all server has gone . :sad:

26-12-2016, 19:45
The code should be SOYOUBOX but I receive the message 'invalid coupon' after I hit apply.

26-12-2016, 19:15
Hi ,
What is boxing promo code ?
i want to order a new server but i don't have any promo code , would be nice if someone please share promo code with me .
Thank you

26-12-2016, 12:16
Boxing promo only for new orders? Not for renewals also?