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OVH avoiding to have to lower my prices

28-12-2016, 23:14
Not sure if, according to TOS, they are forced to update the price of your server if they change the price for new orders on that model. Probably they are not obliged to do so, according to either TOS or law.

The reason is simple: when you ordered the server, you agreed to pay a monthly fee for it. So I can't see what's the problem for paying the monthly fee you accepted to pay.

Maybe you think "Why others pay less for the same?". Well, unfortunately, that's how business works. Probably OVH wanted to attract some more customers for that models, or they overstocked on those model, so they decide to give a little boost on new orders. It's normal around the world, not only on ISPs, but on many service providers markets, that, even when there's a better price, you will continue with the same price you had.

As Nick57 said, if you want to get the new price, just cancel & order a new one.

28-12-2016, 16:18
Cancel the server, like you said it's not fair.


28-12-2016, 14:13
Quote Originally Posted by katzs
The SP-128 with software hybrid RAID has lowered in price from 176.99 to 156.99.
They just told me they wont do it. Part of the mail they sent me contains this:

"Our servers prices are constantly reviewed, to match our customer expectation but also in adequation with our internal cost. The increase and decrease on prices are linked to those specifics, and are only applied to orders made during the time frame of an offer."

Even though in the past they have raised prices of existing customer in multiple cases....

28-12-2016, 12:28
Quote Originally Posted by alvaroag
Can you explain better about what products they are supposed to lower prices?
The SP-128 with software hybrid RAID has lowered in price from 176.99 to 156.99.

28-12-2016, 12:20
Can you explain better about what products they are supposed to lower prices?

28-12-2016, 10:34
I'm an OVH France customer, but my French typing is horrible as I'm not French, so i'm just going to leave this here.
OVH is currently doing everything they can to avoid having to lower prices on a bunch of my packages, on which I have the full right, according to the terms of service, to have my prices lowered.
I ordered a new server recently and noticed a 20 price difference with some of my recently ordered existing packages Which hare exactly the same.
OVH is pretty fast to raise prices for existing customers when they want. So I was expecting them not to make a fuss about this, I was clearly wrong.
I've been tossed around on the phone for 2 hours. They connected me to the wrong people who then had to connect me to the right people again, only to tell me I have to reply to a mail. I've been waiting a week (and I know the holidays came up but fur such matters it should not take that long).
Octave was pretty quick to reply to my tweet asking what the problem was, only to also start ignoring me when I told him.
I sent a reminder 2 days back in that ticket but have not had any reply to that. Their Twitter support is not replying anymore either.

tl;dr: OVH knows they have to lower my prices but is doing everything in order to ignore me or put my requests on the long haul.
I've been an OVH customer for 5 years now and this is not how I feel I should be treated.