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Account approval

05-01-2017, 23:46
acc: an67788-sys

please activate

and not foud where link to apporuval acc

ps. happy new year! )

05-01-2017, 00:44
Call them, it will be done within few minutes.
I know, yes, it costs, I call them evry month for years now, as I quit from opening tickets, but it is only way getting anything done within few minutes/hours instead days/weeks.

02-01-2017, 03:02
Hi, Same here,

Still waiting. My account: jb63279-sys

28-12-2016, 20:59
hi, me too i still wait from 3 days.
user: sc194034-sys
I cannot order the machine because of this!!!!!

28-12-2016, 20:00
Hello there,

I registered 3 days ago and can not help ordering the machine I have not approved my membership?

User ID: ii19904-sys