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Out of hours UK support?

28-01-2017, 20:13
When I've called to OVH Canada, I remember hearing some options for incidents with SyS servers.

28-01-2017, 14:46
I'm not sure when things changed but the contact telephone number I had for SYS 020 3318 3832 has been changed to 0333 370 0427.

The new number basically tells you they are closed after 6pm and doesn't give the option to speak to anyone regarding a fault (The call used to get routed to France or Canada for incidents).

Is there a different number we need to use now ?

08-01-2017, 04:43
Only the menu is in French, but the people there also spek English. You can also call OVH Canada, where you will have everything in English.

07-01-2017, 20:27
Quote Originally Posted by alvaroag
it looks like you are blaming OVH for the problem you are having with your server., when the first mistake is yours
Not the case at all. I'm just surprised they don't offer 24/7 support when that seems commonplace for many providers. Of course the issue is my fault, now I need them to help resolve it; hence I'm asking how to get in touch with them.

Having 0 knowledge of French and given accounts are likely dealt with regionally I think it would be best to simply wait until Monday to speak to the UK team.
Thanks for the reply.

07-01-2017, 17:17
Hi. Support in both Canada & France, both datacenter locations. is open 24 hours; all other locations have only limited support schedule.

But you can report emergencies to either French or Canadian support; in both locations, they speak French and English, but if you call to France, the manu is only available in French. I've done many times, and they have solved some issues. What I'm not sure is, if they can disable 2FA on your account, or that must be done by the staff on the OVH UK Office.

Now, when you say "I was surprised to find...." "Is this really the case? ....", it looks like you are blaming OVH for the problem you are having with your server., when the first mistake is yours: At all times, but specially when using 2FA, you are the sole responsible for being able to access your OVH account at all times; that includes remembering the password, having access to your email at all times, keeping your 2FA backup codes in a safe place, not in your device(I have those printed, inside an envelope, inside a safe), and even having an alternative to the Authenticator app, either on your backup phone, or in your pc (check WinAuth).

07-01-2017, 12:21
I sent an email to SYS support yesterday about removing 2FA on my account, as I have lost my device and backup codes. Unfortunately a ticket wasn't created/responded to in time, and I'm yet to hear back.
To add insult to injury, my server went down last night, and I have no way of figuring out what went wrong or trying to bring it back up, as I cannot currently access the dashboard or the console.

I was surprised to find that even though the French support is open 24/7 (France is where this server is based), UK support is closed outside of standard working hours; meaning I now have no way of accessing the server until sometime after 9AM Monday at the very earliest.
Is this really the case? I'm simply stuck waiting until Monday unable to bring services back up? Very frustrating.

If anybody has any other contact details I might be able to try, or would simply be able to confirm I'm in for a wait, that would be much appreciated.