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Public cloud and additional IP

14-01-2017, 16:45
I currently have a server with both and Soyoustart.

Was interested in trying the public cloud to serve some of teh sites i run. So far after testing the EG7 runs very well on par with the SYS. So i thought i would purchase additional IPS as per the features section advertises you can do so.

However in the control panel is does not see the public cloud as a service and does not allow you to purchase any additional IP's.

So knowing you can transfer from SYS to Ovh, i tried to transfer an ip by generating the token. Ovh import feature starts the process but fails at the assign to a server stage.

Its as if the control panel will only let you purchase or import an IP if you have a dedicated server and not a public cloud instance, despite this being advertised as a feature?

Of course no response from OVH ticket system but didnt expect their to be.

If this is the case then they should removed the advertised feature from the feature listing as its misleading.