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OVH does not react to support tickets

17-01-2017, 12:22
I have been contacted by member of staff after 9 hours after submitting the ticket.

They proposed me to remove my cloud server and refund it, which allows me to try one more time, this time I was told it should work.

I have removed the server, contacted support 45 minutes after their mail, and waiting for an answer.

I will update you if and when this is resolved.

17-01-2017, 01:13
I have ordered a public cloud server, and:

  • ssh key is not being added during setup
  • server boots more than 10 minutes, every time i restart it
  • there is no routing outside, so dns does not work and it's not possible even to install any package

I have created tickets for these totally critical problems, but there is no support reaction in last 12 hours. Server is of course being happily billed .

Is it a cabaret or serious offer?