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need help with my laptop

04-03-2017, 12:48
I think yo need to talk to a hardware expert

23-01-2017, 07:09
i never seen that problem before.
did you already try to reinstall your windows?
or try to repair it in computer repair shop?

19-01-2017, 03:01
hi everyone.
currently i have an issue with my laptop when it connect to our home wifi.
when i first turn on the laptop, the wifi work perfecly fine.
but sometimes when i go out, i will only close my laptop (put it on sleep)
after that, when i return and waking up my laptop, it start to acting weird.
i try to ping without browsing, the ping is good. but after i open something in the browser, i shows request time out until i disconnect and reconnect to the network. after that, ping normal again but when i want to browsing again, request time out again.
anyone have the same wifi issue like me?
and what is the solution for this matter?