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Rescue mode

22-01-2017, 15:52
How to mount hdds? They are already mounter by rescue system.

How to fix this.... that can more complicated... you first need to know what's the problem. The easiest way to do it is by booting into your OS and checking all the boot process in the KVM console. There you will get some error message, and with that, it may be possible to fix the error.

22-01-2017, 14:11

I have a server using for my web that i purchased to ohv , while i was using it the site went down without touching any configuration and i received an email that technical team of ohv is doing an intervention on our server,

After that i received an email from them that server couldn't boot normally and server went to rescue mode because something is causing to go there.

this is what they told me ;

Dear Customer,

Your server has been started in 'Rescue' mode. This has either been requested by you in the OVH manager or a technician has had to do this because of an error that needs to be resolved in Rescue mode.

This mode means that a basic Linux/BSD system has been launched on your server through the network. This is not the system installed on your server and none of your disks have been mounted

Can someone explain me how to mount hdds or how to fix this?