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Unable to read ticket updates

25-01-2017, 15:10
Dani ,

thanks for your reply. When I do that I don't see any replies. It does now say that the ticket was Updated on the: 1/25/17 12:35 PM but again it's not something I can see. Surely it can't take more than 2 days to answer a ticket an it ?



25-01-2017, 14:38

The best way to see ticket updates is from your control panel at:

Manager >> Assistance >> My support request

Best Regards


25-01-2017, 11:15
I opened a ticket #7053380159 on 1/23/17 10:13 AM and at this time don't appear to have an answer. I can see text that seems to indicate that the ticket was updated Updated on the: 1/25/17 6:37 AM however I cannot see any responses,.

I have tried viewing the ticket using FF and chrome and a colleague has tried on their system

What do I need to do to see the updates to this ticket ?