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What do ovh actually monitor during hard reboots, because it is NOT the primary ip

28-01-2017, 01:04
I am wondering what is monitored during a reboot request.

Quite often, my server will simply power off during a reboot, instead of rebooting.

When I then request a power cycle from the manager, I will get an e-mail a few seconds later saying the reboot was successful and the server responds to ping.

However, most of the time, the server is still powered off, and I will have to re-enable monitoring, in order to get the server checked by a technician, and physically powered back on.

I also note, that in the reboot e-mails, it lists the primary server ip as responding to pings which is a physical impossibility (I use only ip's from my ripe block...the main server ip has been removed).

And I have checked the bios settings before anyone is set to turn the server on when power is restored, so the reboot button in the manager should work to turn it back on, but most of the time, it does not.