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Price Increase 7 Jan 2017

28-01-2017, 08:25
Hi I am a long term customer with multiple services please can you explain why we have been given a 30% increase on our month on month subscription our Nic Handle is CD1219** can you please look into the tickets Iíve been sending to your support teams as they are using the BREXIT as a reason for the high price hike stating that this is for NEW CUSTOMERS and NEW ORDERS. For us this is not the case we are a long term subscriber i feel that this is unfair on our part. We are still currently part of the EU as the transition for us to leave is not yet in place also you have UK based operations so BREXIT should not affect your long term loyal UK based customers. Please can you shed some light on this situation as I feel im getting not enough information from your Support Team?

You are going to find that wrong decision has been made It's Disgusting think that would treat your loyal customers un-fair.