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validation vv53911-sys

06-02-2017, 17:17
its been a long time since i try to validate my account.


since last friday. 03-02-2017
i have send the documents for validate my account.
i have made 3 international calls and your phone forwared to america support that they can not help me out.
i can't find any support member for the soyoustart company.
please let me know if you ever update my account with validation documents and i make an order. how long it will take to handle my server.?
and in case of an error what will happen? do you provide any kind of support? do you even have a ticket support platform? any phone number ? or even better live chat support?
thank you.
P.S please remove VAT from my account i am from European country GREECE. My Vat is EL-062696526