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Linux to Windows

11-02-2017, 10:50

Can you provide me with your order number?

Only VPS cloud and VPS cloud RAM can get windows.

You need to also pay for Windows License on VPS Cloud / Cloud RAM to have windows itself.

If you buy VPS Cloud / Cloud VPS on linux, you can buy windows license directly in the Manager.

VPS can be upgraded within its own type.

E.g. VPS cloud 1 to VPS cloud 2/3.

Its not possible to move from VPS cloud to VPS cloud RAM.

Once the upgrade is made, its not possible to downgrade, this is for the protection of your data on the VPS.



10-02-2017, 10:44
Hi thanks for the reply. i already did what you said, but until now its already 12-14 hours i guest, still i dont received any email about my vps information

10-02-2017, 01:27
It's on Linux because you ordered it that way. You can order the Windows license from your Manager, under the "Dedicated" or "Web" section, "Licenses" on the left bar, then select your VPS IP, then Windows....

09-02-2017, 19:40

I order a cloud VPS.
FEB 9, 11:03 PM GMT+8

i received my order but, it is a Linux, i thought it will directly to windows.
after wards i review your buying section. there was on option of Linux and windows,
it was my first time to bought here. i thought it will directly to windows.

i open a ticket but you`re not responding.
here`s the ticket number.
ticket 5568812068

I send a refund payment in Paypal.
since i cant use your Product.
i Never login it. even once.

Im asking now if i can change my VPS to Windows.
will i add the additional payment via paypal since price is different in windows i knew now.
Or refund my payment and i`ll pay the complete price.

And 1 thing can i change the plan of VPS?