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Virtual Machine Creation & Assigning additional IPS to VMS ..

20-02-2017, 13:44
Thanks for prompt response !

1. I got VMware ESXi 5.0 Update 1 hypervisor installed on my main server IP .
2. Created 2 Virtual Machines through Esxi 5.0 and installed Centos 5.8
3. While doing configuration on additional IP getting issue.

Please help in configuration of secondary/block of additional ips on virtual machines.

Need urgent urgent help .... screenshots with images would be added advantage.


17-02-2017, 14:16
1. Yes, as long as the installed OS suppoerts virtualization. Your server itself may only have one NIC(some has two NICs, but the second is always disconected. You can assign more than one IP to a VM, but the most simple way would be within the same virtual NIC (both IPs with the same vMAC in the Manager), as both IPs will use the same gateway.

2. You can also configure NAT for the VMs, with the advantage of having the firewall configuration in the hypervisor instead of each VM. But, anyway, you can assign public IPs directly to the VMs.

3. You can install CentOS 7, only difference the later one comes with RedHat support. There's also vmware ESXi and Proxmox.

RHEL is the same as CentOS, with the most important difference being RHEL comes with RedHat support. If you want to use RHEL, there's no template for it, but you can install CentOS and the upgrade it to RHEL. It seems to be pretty easy.

17-02-2017, 12:49
1) Install VMWare as the base OS and create VMs in that, not sure about the two network cards question
2) Get failover IPs for the VMs you create, the main IP will be assigned to the host (VMWare)
3) VMWare is available, but watch the licensing, you can get a free license from VMWare, but check its licensing requirements (personal use only perhaps). You can install an image onto VMs which is stored on your own PC from within VMWare VSphere

Download VMWare VSphere Client if you're going that route, it'll make things a lot easier

17-02-2017, 10:34
Urgent help required for Virtual Machine Creation and Assigning additional IPS to VMS ..

The following points needs to be clear:
1. Can we install VM's on bare-matel servers for production environment? If yes, can we have more then 2 nic cards in same server and assign public IP's to them.
2. In case public IP cannot be allotted to VM, NATing can be done between public IP's and private IP's of VM?
3. The OS we may require would be CentOS 7, RHEL 7 or vSphere Hypervisor, can we get the images to install them?

Please respond on priority basis.