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[PHP][Laravel] PHP and Laravel doesn't work

18-02-2017, 21:06

You can get the logs at:



17-02-2017, 22:39
1. What's the extension for those files? Consider ".php" as the only accepted file extension. Also, what's the opening tag for those files?
2. Try changing the PHP version from the Manager. Some applications are incompatible with some PHP versions, specially PHP 7.

17-02-2017, 19:59
I have a shared hosting with OVH (offer codeerso) and I would upload my Laravel project on it.
I have two problem:
1) The first is that PHP before works fine, but now I see the PHP source code in web browser instead executing it. How can I solve it?
2) The second is that before PHP problem Laravel doesn't work, infact gives me 500 error. I see permission and .htaccess file, but they are set in the right way. Considering that I can't see web server error log, I can't solve the problem, how can I find the solution?

It is not the first time that I upload Laravel on a shared hosting, infact I uploaded this project on altervista for testing.

Hope for a prompt reply.