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Server still down

18-02-2017, 21:02

I have enabled your server.



18-02-2017, 20:26

I have renewed my server twice now via PayPal and Direct Debit, and the server still appears as expired? Sometimes the email you send do not make it into my emails, so I will login to the control panel to check up on it, and sometimes I can miss the expiry date by 1 or 2 days, but I always manage to pay it before it gets terminated, and when I do pay it comes online within 1 hour. However this time I have paid for it twice and it still has not come back online, it still shows as expired.

At one point the server was not showing at all, and I was told I had no servers left, but soon after it appeared again, but still said expired. I have waited for 1 day now, It was around yesterday that it went offline and after paying, I expected it would be online by the time I woke up. Though I only found it to be offline still and thats when I created a support ticket, and yet have had no answer to my problem?

I kinda needs this server online, as my website, emails and my gaming services are all down.