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Hosting for multiple website

04-03-2017, 11:13
You need to consider the platform too. Do you need Windows or Linux? Most do both but a there are may that only offer Linux

01-03-2017, 10:07
Is there a specific reason you're focusing on only shared or reseller? I would say your hosting decision should be based on the websites and what you are trying to do with them. If they will be relatively lower traffic or high traffic, this all changes your server demands and therefore hosting options. And reseller is meant for you to make money off of selling the hosting space, not really for your own projects. I would say if you are putting several of your own websites on this one hosting plan, you might want to consider dedicated.

19-02-2017, 17:22
i am going to buy a hosting plan from name cheap, want to build multiple website on one hosting, which type of hosting is best. Shared or Reseller