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What's the latest with the 4TB SATA / GPT / Windows Server headache?

28-02-2017, 16:42
I present the following as a potentially useful guide for future visitors:

0) Enter OVH control panel
1) Disable monitoring of the server youre setting up. This will stop OVH techs reacting to alarms and rebooting your server in rescue mode
2) Select the dedicated server to install to and choose IPMI tab
3) Get the java applet version working (install java, run the app, it will probably error for security reasons giving an IP, add IP to allowed sites list, re-run app)
4) You can now see your server as if you were sat at it. The next steps would probably best be done from another OVH server you own in the same datacentre. Or, if you're very patient you can do it from a home or business broadband with a good upload speed. If you have a crap upload speed, maybe don't bother to install windows from a 3.5gig iso over dialup

5) Obtain an ISO of your chosen version of windows and store it on your machine
6) Reboot the install server and press to enter setup
7) In Boot Manager Options enable UEFI boot mode
8) In Advanced/Mass Storage Controller Options enable RAID mode (if UEFI RAID floats your boat, or can do in windows)
9) Save and Exit.
10) If you're not doing UEFI RAID skip this step. Wait for prompt from intel raid manager and press Ctrl+E to get into raid configurer. Create an array (this GUI is really complex, maybe find a tutorial on it if it has you going in circles. Remember to read the key help at the bottom of the page)
11) Reboot the machine, enter setup again
12) Mount the windows ISO by choosing the DEVICE menu in JViewer/RedirectISO
13) Inside the BOOT options of setup you should find an entry that will "boot into the EFI Shell Now"
14) The EFI shell will load, and list the devices, should be a load of them related to CDrom and maybe 1 related to hard disk
15) type fs0:
16) type efi\boot\bootx64.efi and then start hammering letter keys on the keyboard (the JViewer sometimes lags so the windows setup will launch and say "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD........." but then it'll quit before it reads a key, hammering seems to give it some keys to read within the timeout
17) Windows setup is now loading

If youre using UEFI/motherboard RAID:
18), you'll need to install a trial copy of PowerISO if you don't have a full version already, and use it to make a new ISO file containing the relevant intel storage driver folder inside this ZIP:
This is for the ESRT2 hardware, but you might have alternatively enabled RSTe in the Setup, so download the correct driver for that (maybe If you have a full PowerISO you can use it to add those driver files to the massive Windows ISO. Trial PowerISO only writes 300MB so two ISOs and a bit of a disk swap may be needed. Alternatively, you might get the USB option working on JViewer - it didnt seem to see my USB disk, and I couldn't find any utility to make a *.img file to use with JViewer's USB image option. Diskswapping the ISOs wasn't hard

28-02-2017, 10:46

All OVH servers have IPMI enabled.

You have direct access to the server BIOS to change the boot to UEFI.

As for the templates they are currently MBR and we are looking to change them to GPT.

Currently the way to make full use of all disk space is through the hard raid or to install your own ISO image thorough the IPMI.



27-02-2017, 18:17
Hi All

Ordered a 2x4TB SATA server, installed windows only to find that the disks are MBR style and only 2TB is accessible

Doing some reading round, including this forum, the position a few years ago was that OVH didn't care too much to help out/didn't have any installation templates that use GPT for windows, so it was a bit of a headache getting things running, and even if they did, there was no guarantee that the BIOS was setup correctly, and the end client would end up with a bricked server

Is it still the case (got to install some linux UEFI BIOS "emulator" with q-emu and faff about with a 200 step HOWTO?) or are OVH support, if unable to provide a few-clicks way to do it, at least now willing to switch BIOS to UEFI and provide a way to install windows manually, allowing for GPT disk setup during manual install?

As an aside, I think I must have omitted a RAID option during install, as my server seems installed with OS on only one drive. I've succeeded in converting the other disk to GPT, but naturally the boot volume can't be converted.. However, is there any software that can copy the contents of the current C: partition to D: (the newly GPT'd disk with a single 3.7tb partition) and make it bootable? I could then boot from it, convert the other disk and then use software (windows) RAID?