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Server paid. Server still blocked 12 hours after

04-03-2017, 15:31

Currently your server has been renewed for all 3 billing cycles.

Its advisable for you to renew your services a few days prior to expiry to prevent this type of issue.



04-03-2017, 12:07
After my 3rd Payment, the server become online.

I 've paid 3 times the same invoice for this FIX.

04-03-2017, 11:30
Hi Guys,

I Need a Urgent Help with my server

12 hours ago it expired. In less than 10 minutes I made a Payment via Paypal and made TOO a Payment via Credit Card (2 Payments).

So far the server is still offline and blocked.

I've been working with SYS for 2 years and in ALL this situations, i had my servers online in LESS than ONE HOUR (expired servers).

Now, 12 hours after TWO PAYMENTS, the server continue showing expiring information and still blocked.

Can you help-me with this?

12 hours without a Ticket Answer too.

TICKET #5278912

Please, help-me guys and sorry by me English, I'm from Brazil!