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Multiple attempts at access SSH from unknown IP

05-03-2017, 22:38
Support won't handle such cases; those must be reported to Abuse.

A a suggestion, I'd recommend you to just ignore failed login attempts. You see, in a single month, having only 8 servers, I get more than 1.5 million failed logins in a month. Just make sure you have a strong password or some additional security, like two factor authentication or public key authentication. You can also try changing the SSH port from 22 to another one.

05-03-2017, 17:07

for the last 3 days I have have constant attempts to access SSH from what seems to be in OVH ip. IP listed is

I've raised a support ticket but have had no response, is there any way for OVH to stop this IP from attempt to access the server that I pay for?

Seems OVH are happy enough for their own IP's to attempt to access another users server.