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RPS Network 196 197 198 199

25-03-2008, 16:00
We have set up the network settings of the beta 192/193/194/195 and then we customized these settings. Indeed, we have had several bugs (which we did not have during the beta) and I did not want to rush its completion as I preferred to fully analyse where the bugs came from. It is now sorted. I think the situation is now stable. But we will keep an eye on our logs.

I do apologise for this week-end, but I preferred to sacrifice the 4 days of RPS (even during the launch) rather than having to analyse this problem later (in all cases).

The installations and re-installations are now operational again. We have also added new features during this process (IRC, etc ...).

We still have 2 or 3 minor bugs left to analyse and then to manage.