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Some news (4/6)

08-12-2008, 21:23
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We Dont Speak French
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We Dont Speak French
02-12-2008, 15:48

Here is the rest of the news from Ovh.

Domain Name
- All promotions are now available to resellers via API and "batch-email" operations.

- Many of our customers benefit from our promotions on domain names to consolidate their domain portfolios at Ovh. With MoM the management of several thousands of domain names is childsplay.

- We are preparing to start procedures for accrediting all extensions where there are no automatic procedures. Our teams deal already with extensions that are manual and the objective is to offer our clients 90% of the extensions in the world (and without an intermediate company). In order to ensure a quality service and at the best cost.

- The search tool mark should be completed within 1 month. We have fallen behind because of all the other projects.

- Ovh manages over 1'125'000 domain names and with your orders we settled in the top 10 of registrars who have stronger growth:

These domain names are not only parking, phishing or static pages since OVH is the third hosting company in the world of sites that have the most visits (out of a list of 1 million of the most visited sites in the world)

Brief. Brief. It does not say it is because they are among Ovh they walk as well, eh! But your Regional host could do better by continuing to innovate. Only must continue to grumble and say what is wrong and why we are so wrong and where. Tell us please please please all that is wrong with Ovh ...

- .Tel (a gTLD dedicated to telephony)
. that starts tomorrow. It is now limited to those who have a brand and is currently very expensive.

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- .Cz (Czech Republic)
. cz was recently opened for creation, currently on loop procedures for transfer-in. Everyone can have the .cz domain name

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- .Pl (Poland)
a new contract was signed with the registry for the year 2009. The creation of .Pl is proposed at the reduced price of 3.99Euro then renewal will be 14.99 instead of 19.99. On the technical side we are currently reviewing the robot for transfering-in: the owners in our databases were not completely synchronized with those in the registry and this posed some problems in the validation procedure for changing the owner. This problem is now fixed.

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- .Be (Belgium)
The registry has changed their DNS.BE EPP server, which required some modifications on transfers. It is fixed.
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- .Es (Spain)
We've added full monitoring operations on .Es. The registry is not very strict and there are several bugs in the proceedings. With this monitoring further, the client more information. For example, a client starts the process to delete a domain name, then transfers to Ovh, first the domain name is transferred to Ovh then the delete is made. Except that we do not know about this deletion since it was initiated before the transfer. We'll begin to address all these bugs.
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- .It (Italy)
We will review all our scripts management. It. The registry NIC.IT faxes still useful for validation of operations. In case the client does not provide documents to fax by Ovh, problems are common, for instance a typo in the faxed document and the application is rejected. It is better to use our template documents that are filled. However thanks to the work provided by our Italian team, everything goes better than expected. "Except" it costs a crazy time. We made a request for test their EPP infrastructure.
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- .Dk (Denmark)
We are accredited. we can begin the technical part. Then we will launch this expansion.

- .Ch .Li (Switzerland, Liechtenstein)
The transfer of domain names arrive in a few days. We have to validate the technical parts with the registry

- .Im (the Isles of Man)
The administrative part is completed, remains to validate the party techniques. Communication with the registry is not very fast.
The extension is also used for "instant messaging"

- .Pt (Portugal)
The procedures are still 100% manual. The registry has a functioning quite opaque. Our record of acceptance of the contract is subject to a validation of the Committee of the registry. And apparently they do are not very motivated there are new registrars. This says a accredited on time will be 100% manual. This does not work well but we must understand that the quality of service
is not the same one. com or. net. They started a server EPP but it is not in production. Our technical cooperation on stabilizing this server will sure of having more reliable. For now, it's not very motivating.

- .Sn (Senegal)
We will use semi-automated procedures on domain names.

- .Dj (Djibouti)
Automating the creation of domain names is on our To-do list.

- .Se (Sweden)
Accreditation will start up very soon.

- .Tn (Tunisia)
We are in the process of accreditation.

What extension you need?