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Some news (5/6) Unlimited web hosting

03-12-2008, 20:23
Lots of information there Octave, thank you.

Im a firm believer that Cloud Computing is the future
03-12-2008, 14:46
The news today regards hosting, storage, unlimited computing power and the unlimited future of hosting (which is the Web today and why not everything else?).

Tomorrow the news 6 / 6. We'll knock you out with our stories

- Urchin v6
A new version of Urchin (web statistical calculation) is being implemented. It recalculates previous months back so you get an overall view of your site with v6 (in addition to v3). Version 6 is the basis for Google Analytics. Ovh will offer it through web server.

- We are testing new infrastructure balancing for the host. Currently we use SLB maps of Cisco and we believe the switch to new
generation of cards at Cisco: the ACE. The cards are stronger and manage more simultaneous connections. With finer handling of different types of attacks we think there are some advantages to spending on these new cards. Maybe in the context of Cloud Computing.

- We are in the final stages of switching infrastructure storage. We need a few more weeks to finish the Tipping offers START (all others are already switched 95%). Altogether hundreds of TB of data have been switched already, and there is still some TB to go.

- The objective of these changeovers is to formalize 2009 hosting offers. These new offers should allow more flexibility, more
traffic, more disk space and a high level of quality at the price the customer is willing to pay.

- We will add SLAs to the hosting packages. By default, an offer is Premium SLA since the site uses the resources within the package, without the pass. If the customer uses more resources than they have purchased (for example, 3.5GB instead of 3GB) and he does not wish to buy additional resources (it may be exclusive to Ovh), the SLA is degraded. The site is no longer suspended or they are no longer blocked but simply adapting the service quality. We still hold to the spirit of packages to define these 3 parameters. But the equation will be more rigid but will adapt to each customer depending on exactly what he wants. We will
innovate the management of abuse and bursts. Our management is not binary, but more respectful of each client.

- Thus, 2009 hosting must meet the 3 markets:
- The customer who seeks quality, he needs rest and under the package of accommodation (that is our usual customer).
- The customer who needs in terms of storage are very important (up 100TB) in terms of monthly traffic and has a budget for
this service. Currently for this kind of capaity we offer a dedicated server. With 2009 hosting, it will remain in hosting.
- The customer who does not care about quality, who has a small budget, but important needs. Currently, these customers
look for free accommodation or services where they can. The goal is to create a standing offer at low cost with better quality of free services but not as good as he was paying the price of the service. It is a challenge of balancing desired statement.

Somewhere it is a start offers unlimited ... without degrading the quality of all other customers, of course.

- In that context, we reflect on the concept of Cloud Computing in hosting environments. The resources necessary need to adapt in real time. The aim is to propose to map resources in terms of disk space, monthly transfer and computing power in a bundle (limited or not) or actual use. Thus, the client can start on a basic package of 1 Pound +VAT / month and then evolve according to their needs For instance 20TB of data store for photos but not much monthly traffic (for private use, a photographer for example). If the client needs more computing resources for scripts they can add new Web servers in parallel in the cluster. And if the client needs more traffic they can have the equivalent of 100Mbps or more in a shared environment that will be to exclusive Ovh. The client can choose exactly what they need and pay for only the resources actually used. They can keep the decision to adapt the offer by looking at the costs or give us the responsability assuming monthly billing. This is Cloud Computing.

- Store the information so it is unlimited. But having computing power is unlimited even better. And why not combine the storage area of the host with
- RPS (or VPS)
- Dedicated servers
- Clusters of dedicated servers
- VPN infrastructure that enables us to use the storage business and home for backups
- With your PC

It is believed to move in this direction. What do you think?