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.tel Starts in less than 1 hour.

04-12-2008, 10:00

As already announced, on December 3, registrations will
begin at 16:00 in less than 30 minutes.

It is the sunrise. You must be rich to register
a .tel domain name and own it only for 6 months.

The creation between 3 December 2008 and 3 February 2009:
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Only holders of national, international or community brands
registered before 23 May 2008 can benefit from .tel as corresponding
to the mark.
Cost of the audit of your brand (charged by the registry):
239.99 +VAT
Prices of domain name: 6.99 +VAT / year
We must register the domain name for 3 years minimum.

If you order a domain name without the mark and after verification
the registry does not give you the right to the domain name you
are reimbursed the 3x6.99, but the 239.99 are lost.

The sunrise will last until 3 February 2009.

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