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Can not access Remote Desktop Connection

30-03-2008, 15:06
glad to hear that

30-03-2008, 15:02
Seaphysio....Thank-you for the advise,i am up and running.


30-03-2008, 14:58

Today is sunday and i dont think support works on sunday.

I had a simular thing when i installed windows on my server.

Hope you get it sorted

30-03-2008, 14:40
check the email with the correct username password it has been sent to you.
its case sensitive and be aware of the caps lock and the special caracters.

try to manually enter the pass. if it is automatically stored the pass ( masked ) change the options of RDC to enetert manually the pass each time.

if nothing happens after all these.... maybe u ve being hacked or sth ? i hope not. i also hope that support will communicate u :/

30-03-2008, 14:34
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