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Windows reinstalling problem(BIOS has not been fixed for win?)

26-12-2008, 17:01
NVM.. it was fixed. Hope someone read that and fixed it I was just made one last attempt and was waiting a lot of time. Finally it was fixed.

26-12-2008, 12:36
Hi there guys
First of you really have to move the posts concerning dedicated server in this subforum

Second of all i have a serious problem that i've seen twice again only. First from another server that it was fixed automatically and second from another person in here.
But this time i can't install windows at all. I've tried at least 6 times but nothing has changed. It pops up the same error again and again
It stucks at Configuration of the new system for almost more than an hour. And then cames up this error
- Server does not awake (BIOS has not been fixed for win?) !

If i remember well once or two times that i tried to change netboot and restarted the machine during that stage and finally unstucked but in verification stage poped up a new error saying something about ssh (Do not remember the exact msg )

I tried to contact a lot of times through e-mails ovh but neil i think stated that i had to buy a licence in order to install. I mentioned about the 2 free months but never got a reply.
So bcz of this mess i thought maybe it could be better if i was buying a windows licence. So itried to call today ovh in order to buy one, but they are closed until Monday. So what should i do in order to fix this problem or get a windows licence?

And really oles you have to start thinking of letting us buy windows licence live.

And plz ovh staff don't come here saying that i had to contact you first cause i tried a lot of times and i've paid hard for a server i don't even use right now. Really i should get some money refund.