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Exchange at Ovh: it's free (beta)
09-01-2009, 19:46

If you have email accounts at Ovh (service provided free with the domain names and the web hosting), you have between 1 and 1000 pop3/imap accounts, 5 webmail, smtp, alias, etc (even with the domain name at 1 +VAT... )

We are currently testing the sync via the "Exchange" protocol of Microsoft. Soon, you will then have all the features of the protocol without paying the cost of this type of service, wich saves you 1-2 +vat minimum/email account up to 20/ email accounts / month!!!).

Therefore, you can synchronise (in push) emails of an Exchange client, for instance Outlook (not Express), Ipod and Iphone, HTC or Nokia. Feedback would be useful for us to know if you encounter any configuration problems or if it is working fine for every body.

You can also synchronise contacts (in push). It works perfectly well no matter what the client is. You add a new contact on your Iphone, 5 seconds later, it is in the webmail (atmail only) and the opposite is right also.

Calendar synchronisation is planned to be ready in 2 months.

How does it work?
You must have an email account at ovh.

You connect to webmail Atmail:
(It's the 2nd webmail in the drop down menu)

Once you are connected, you can use the push.

On your Exchange client:

address :
domain : you can leave it blank
user name :
password : xxxxxxx
server :

You must choose:
- Mail (on)
- Contacts (on)
- Calendars (off) (do not forget to uncheck it)
- Tasks (off) (if available, do not forget to uncheck it)


The webmail Atmail manages emails, contacts and the calendar.

Synchronization is done in relation to Webmail Atmail. It means that you can use Atmail as the webmail, when on the move, then when you arrive at home, you synchronise everything with your Outlook. To do so, you must install Websync for Outlook and relaunch Outlook:

Then indicate in the outlook websync:
address :
domain : can be left blank
user name :
passwird : xxxxxxx

Thanks for your feedbacks.