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VoIP Alpha: call for free

04-04-2008, 16:44

Now, you can take a phone number at Ovh and receive phonecalls from anywhere in the world on this number. It's 09XXXXXXXX or +339 XXXXXXXX numbers.

You can receive the phonecall on a SIP phone through the web hosting offers with your e-mail account. Create a SIP account and configure your softphone (software telephone) or hardphone (SIP telephone).

Also, you can receive a phone call on the IP of your choice (a dedicated server at Ovh or somewhere else). You need to set up an iPABX server as Asterisk, OpenSer....

Now you can make the phone call to other numbers and this is completely free!

These offers are in alpha-test, and therefore we have limited the calls to:

- FR: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09 and +331, +332, +333, +334, +335, +339
- DE: +492, +493, +494, +495, +496, +498, +499
- PL: +481, +482, +483, +484, +489
- UK: +441, +442, +443, +444, +445, +446, +449
- ES: +341, +342, +343, +344, +345, +347, +348, +349

The calls are limited to 2 minutes. Calls are limited to personal use and we will keep track of the amount of different numbers you are calling. Use of this offer to automate calls through robots, software or any sort for call center is prohibited. This is only to test that the telephony at Ovh works well and without paying anything. It is not for use in itself.

Thank you for your feedback on:
- Mailing list: voip@ml.ovh.net or
- The forum: http://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.php?t=144