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Need help with my DNS

28-01-2009, 20:45
If you already have a domain using these servers I can only assume that domain is

In this case you need to add 2 new A records for your domain...

...and point to the IP of the server you use for dns query answer.

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In my case I registered and defined the nameservers as being and However to use those same nameservers for other domains I needed to create A records for those 2 subdomains and point to and as I originally defined when I registered the domain.

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If you are using some control panel that doesn't explicitly allow you to add A records then just create the 2 subdomains as websites.

27-01-2009, 18:16
i've already got a main domain using the same nameservers, and so when i try to addon a domain, it comes up with the second pic


26-01-2009, 23:04
Quote Originally Posted by MyHabby
I have a host but want to add a domain to my site

Just done 'host' command in Terminal and it came back this:

MacBook:~ Neil$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

I don't think they are valid nameservers which is where your problem is

26-01-2009, 21:19
I have a host but want to add a domain to my site


26-01-2009, 20:45
Are ns1| valid servers ?

If you want to host on ovh hosting it makes sense to use ovh's NS servers..

Can you clarify as to exactly what you want to do...

I don't personally have OVH hosting.. i have dedicated server option...but regardless... using the above nameservers made no sense to me

26-01-2009, 20:29

Sorry i really need this

26-01-2009, 20:04
Hello OVH,

I got a problem with my website, i need to add an addon domain to my host, which is seperate from OVH. I changed my nameservers to the ones i need, and filled in all the information in the cpanel in addon domain, clicked add domain, but it said to make sure that the domain was with a valid domain registrar.



OVH Manger:

The domain is

and the nameservers:,

Also when speaking to the owner he said there were problems when adding or changing our main domain using OVH.