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VoIP alpha 1.02, call any numbers for free in FR / DE / PL / UK / ES

05-04-2008, 23:12

After testing all calls to landlines in 5 European countries on Friday, we are now testing calls to mobile in these 5 countries (FR / DE / PL / UK / ES).

Now you can call any numbers in FR / DE / PL / UK / ES. Calls to landlines are limited to 120 seconds and calls to mobiles to 30 seconds.

The aim is to test our infrastructure and test different incoming and outgoing SIP configurations.

A question comes up regurlarly: the order to use codecs.
In terms of the codecs configuration for your SIP phones, we recommend the following order:
- G729 (a call takes 8Kbps)
- G711 u (a call takes 64Kbps)
- G711 a (a call takes 64Kbps)

The other destinations such as BE / CH / LU / NL / PT / CZ / RU / ... will be added during the week. We are finishing the automatic settings of our infrastructure according to the offer you have (We currently only offer the toll-free and limited calls for testing).

Thank you for your feedback on the quality of voice, codecs that you are using, the numbers that you call or from what number you receive calls.