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RAID constant resync causing high load

11-02-2009, 13:32
hi marco, have just sent you an email.

11-02-2009, 13:03
I need more informations and details about that in order to see what is the issue and if opening a ticket incident.

May you please tell me what is your server name and the paste the output for the following commands please?
grep md /var/log/messages
cat /proc/mdstat

You can forward to me on the customer support.

10-02-2009, 12:20
hey guys,

my dedi has been purring along until yesterday when suddenly the load has skyrocketed. it's a vmware server. i've gone through each VM and there's no different activity now or load.

i'm running a "top" on the host and see two processes constantly in operation:
[md1_resync] and [md2_resync]. these are there non-stop and the disk looks like it's in hyperdrive given the IO wait time.

what's going on, is one of my drives dead? or has raid gone out of sync and has just been trying to fix it non stop for 24 hours?

already tried rebooting. same issue.