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Continuous Disconnections?

13-02-2009, 01:12

I have been an OVH customer for almost ~4 months and have never had a problem. I originally started with a Kimsufi 2XL, which was superb.

After completing my three month lease, I decided to move up, to a higher-graded server, an 'EG AMD' and have had problems ever since. Originally with the RAID configuration, but with no help from OVH, I had to get it solved myself.

Then, later, I noticed that daily at around ~12am/2am, my server becomes unresponsive, originally, I thought this was coincidental, as it happens to be the same time my WHS (Windows Home Server) generates it's offline backup, to the OVH server.

I then rescheduled my WHS backups to 8am, this however did not make a difference, the disconnects still occured. However, as it was only once daily, and would only last ~45min/1hr, I would suffice and would have to wait.

Now since Yesterday (11th February 2009), these disconnects have become more frequent, and can last for several minutes, adding upto hours over the day, and are also flooding up my emails too.

^Is just a snippet of the log for the last couple of hours.

Domain name :

I have contacted support, and opened a ticket with no avail