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Checkup: Domaine name
25-02-2009, 18:28

Some news on domain names:

-. FR
The creation and transfer are still at €0.90 +vat.

-. BE
The creation and transfer are still at €0.90 +vat.

-. DE
1 free domain name / day / customer for 1yr.

-. UK
1 free .CO.UK domain name / day / UK customer for 1yr

-. ES
Creation at €1.00 +vat. Unlimited
An EPP bug was corrected. It has solved a lot of small problems. Registrations are immediate.

-. PL
The registration costs 10PLN. Unlimited

-. IT
The registration is completely free and unlimited for IT customers. We can now correct 100%of the info entered for .it from the manager. This has freed many problems. Since the creation procedure is completely manual from registry's side (very very very manually), we prefer to say that it takes a lot of time to create one .IT.

- .ch / .li
The transfer is now operational. It's free.

- .NL
Everyone can now create a . NL

- .LU
Creation is at €13.99 +vat.
To subscribe, the domain administrator must reside in Luxembourg

- .TEL
.tel in Sunrise will be available soon, we will be able to create accounts for customers to be able to fill out their data. The delay is from Telnic.

In general:

- .PT (except.
- .IE
- .NU (transfer)
= we are improving document management to automate

OWO will be available to all customers within a few days for any country of residence. The service is free.

we are taking up the project regarding the brand follow up. Everything is ready, the engine and the tools, but we did not have time to complete the WEB interface.

The future:
- .US / .ASIA / .IM / .DJ: Developing
- .DK

We stop at the moment the extension. The registry is not incompatible with ICANN and do on purpose the opposite that is usually done. There is no role for a registrar for example.

It is all progressing well :-)