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Kimsufi vs Multiple Shared

28-02-2009, 22:44
I tested some while back using my web starters site:

I remotely loaded a random topic 20x per second and noticed no problems with that. Very low resources usage. I would repeat the test now for you but I have several virtual machines and other peoples website to look after This wasn't loading any of the images though.

I would expect you would need 100,000 + per hour to knock out a well configured server with well made scripts running. Also a lot depending on the amount of mysql queries a said script makes or how many extra files you need to load (e.g. images). There are ways to lighten the load (ie. run lighttpd for images and apache just for pages).

This was on Kimsufi 2XL.

Remember it all depends on the OS, the web server in use and the config you use.

28-02-2009, 15:47
im using one kimsufi at the moment to host a few different sites using php mysql and for downloading, using ubuntu that runs very smoothly. also have another kimsufi using 2003 R2 and that also runs smooth as anything, id recommend kimsufi for that kind of activity

28-02-2009, 11:47
Put it this way, that server has the same processor as mine, and I am coping with 3 hits/second with a cpu load average of 15% and 700mb memory average. I host at least 25 websites/sub-domains with a combination of php/mysql/html/perl scripts, and it runs like a dream.

My memory is a little high because of custom software I use. On a fresh system you could push that down to 450-500mb using Windows. Of course it depends which OS you use too.

The OVH plans you are currently on are shared, so you're going to get a small fraction of the resources compared to a dedicated server. Shared hosting out grew my sites a long long time ago.

28-02-2009, 11:39

What are people running on KIMSUFIs at the moment (esp 2XL)? What sort of limits do they have - number of sites/mySQL/PHP use?

The only thing I could find was an old thread that talked about the Kimsufi lack of memory (only 256Mb), but things have moved on since then!

I currently run about 9 small 'hobby/family/friends' sites using the shared Start 1g and 60GP offerings. They work fine as the sites are small, but I am looking to promote some of them a bit more heavily so want to know if I should upgrade to either 90plan or even something like the Kimsufi 2XL.

My main issue is mySQL, at least one uses wordpress and another phpbb3 so it is not all static HTML. The 25Mb 60GP limit could present me with a problem, 90plan would give me 40Mb, but the large mySQL is an extra 6/month - get that on a couple of the sites and that almost pays for the Kimsufi.

I don't want to find that the Kimsufi can't cope as it will be doing all the work, no other servers to spread the load! I am assuming that I can do what I want with the 250Gb HDD (less OS of course).