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Munin eth0 graphs

05-03-2009, 20:29
Thank you Andy

05-03-2009, 19:19
You should be able to monitor it just fine, OVH monitors bandwidth from the switch not the server. Try MRTG with SNMP, as that may be a better option.

Also the OVH monitoring software is one way only, your server reports to OVH. You can remove it if you wish. There is a topic on the forum showing how. However OVH recommend not removing it as it helps them diagnose problems with your server when they fix it. Your choice.

05-03-2009, 18:53

I installed munin onto my server and im noticing it cant read any data for eth0, im guessing thats because you guys are already monitoring eth0 in the OVH manager? Is there anyway around this?

And also, im a bit worried about how in the OVH manager you can see all processes running on the server - its not that im worried about - its more is this a possible backdoor for someone to get in or are these bits of info outgoing from the server only?