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Premium bandwith

26-03-2009, 22:53
I don't think it makes any difference to the speed, you just don't get capped for using too much bandwidth. I might be wrong but that's the way I understand it to be.

Seedbox Paradis
14-03-2009, 22:12
From the way I understand, the Premium series does not guarantee the speed during peak hours, which is stated at ever forum and website owned by OVH. And as you had answered your own question, you'd need to get a traffic series server or an unmetered series server.

14-03-2009, 21:25
So from what i read, the premium pro series would make no difference. The only thing that would make a difference would be to change to traffic series, in which my upload/download to america will be fast as i am paying for that bandwith. There is no pro service that will allow fast speeds during nomral hours ie. peak hours. Please confim this , sorry i i have miunderstood it.

What is the difference then between the kimsufi standard and ovh premium bandwith options. Are they the same just using a different name.

Thanks for any responses

14-03-2009, 21:07
Please Check This ->

14-03-2009, 20:56
Hello, im currently on the kimsufi burstable bandwith option however whilst downloading and uploading to the united states it is very slow (i live in uk btw). After 1am it is alot better untill 11am or so. I was wondering if the ovh dedicated premium sla option will offer constant fast speeds 24hrs a day to the US. Or is this just for europe transfers. Thanks