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.tel, global opening on 24th March
20-03-2009, 19:14

You can now pre-order your .tel domain name:

The .tel global opening starts on Tuesday 24th March in the afternoon. Orders will be launched at that moment. Ovh has experience a rush with a very high success rate.

The open .tel are at Ovh at standard rate of 6.99 +VAT.

We remind you that .tel is unable to host a website. It's actually a directory compatible with smartphones. Example: here it is, that's it. It can not have its own www, email or other services either. This is a vCard site. Is it enough for the .tel to become standard? Tbh, I think it's a bet on a vision about the future. Will the future be as .tel says? Clever, who will say yes or no. This is therefore a risk that costs 6.99 at Ovh. I can not tell you anything else. We have to remain a bit honest about the interest about .tel ...

At the opening, if the domain is already reserved, you will be refunded in loyalty points.