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Payment overdue in 2 days?

21-03-2009, 19:36
Has nothing to do with how many days a month has.

Server ordered on the 21st, renew on the 21st,
Server ordered on the 04th, renew on the 04th, .....

21-03-2009, 19:24
Yes but february was 28 days long, shouldn't payment be due 25th?...

21-03-2009, 19:09
Your server was deployed on 23rd February, so it will expire on 23rd on each month

21-03-2009, 18:10

I have only just see the kimsufi forum

21-03-2009, 17:54
server name?

21-03-2009, 16:13
I have recieved an invoice yestarday asking for payment in 3 days. However last month only had 28 days I believe, and I purchased on the 23rd.

So how is this done, shouldn't it be every 30-31 days?